Fabiola Alvarez works in Guadalajara and other communities in mainland Mexico.  This amazing person works both on her own rescuing street dogs, but also as a key person in the organization of mobile spay and neuter clinics.  She is helping Proyecto Esterilización Temprana and Guadalajara Spay Project in these photos.

 Fabiola writes:

Hola Nancy,

I sent you many pictures of the last clinic taken place this past month.

So many people showed up as usual and we have the animals but we need more doctors.

The areas where we went is very poor. I sent you a small video because I made a mistake and I thought I was taking a photo. That is how people come and hand us animals. I have photos of people handing me boxes of puppy litters just like in Zacatal. I don’t have the heart to say no because I know what is going to happen to those living beings (dumped anywhere). I still have this dog in my lot. He is much better and is a nice dog but I haven’t been able to shave him because it is still cold in my lot. I have more dogs from this past clinic. One filled with knots. You can’t even see his eyes. He didn’t approach to me for two weeks but know he comes and he is a very loving dog. A lot of hair and I was able to feel his bones. Very skinny.

My hands are full. I run the clinic and I receive animals. I had to drive to drop them off and I just end up totally tired.  We do average 76 animals every day for four days.We come to the clinic around 6.40 and around 7.30 a.m. all those people in the pictures are lined up are already there waiting.  Many people come to the clinics to volunteer without receiving anything in return except of course the great satisfaction of helping hundreds of animals.

Thank you Nancy for caring for what we do. People are very grateful for what we do to their animals and they are always waiting for us to return but there are so many neighborhoods that we hardly go back to the same are the same year.  We’ve done over 5,000 animals over a period of 6 years and it may not sound like a lot but we give to every animal special attention  and 5,000 is not very little.

I think these photos were from only one day. I have to check. No one takes photos but me so I am not in the pictures. I will find some.

Buenas noches hermana y – I am always grateful to you!