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Our mission is to facilitate the rescue of profoundly at-risk dogs and place them in loving homes.

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We are a group of like-minded individuals who like to think of solutions to large and small problems.   While loving dogs, we know we can’t save every single one.  But we do save one and one and one every chance we get.  That is operating in the small world.  In the large world, we help individuals and groups helping animals where animals are least likely to be helped due to financial, geographic, and cultural barriers.  We provide information about resources; how to set up MASH-type spay and neuter clinics, where to find articles about the problems that most plague you, how to contact the large groups and what they will expect from you.   We don’t have all the answers, but we do know where to find them!


Another goal is to help individuals and groups abroad network with others in the United States to place dogs.  Identifying partners who can take animals is the first step in transporting larger numbers of animals out of high risk areas.  Our resources also include information about  transport.


We facilitate dog adoptions in a number of ways.   We usually have more than 50 dogs waiting

in the wings for flights to the US from Mexico and Qatar.   We offer these dogs to other rescue groups and to individuals.  Individuals who are interested in adopting can see our adoption pages.  We list animals for adoption and also provide information about the breeds that we see most often.  These include Salukis from the Middle East, Galgos and Podencos from Spain, and wonderful, beautiful, little floppy mutts from Mexico!